Instagram Hack: 5 tips and features you need to know in 2023

Do you feel you are missing a lot of insta hacks, then you hit the right spot. Your secret to gaining more followers and differentiating your Instagram account will be fulfilled by this post. In this blog get 5 tips to make your insta marketing more effective. Social media marketing companies – Do checkout new insta features now –

1. Set up your Instagram Shopping for digital branding

Instagram used to be only a tool for companies to raise their profile and advertise their goods. With insta hacks, now you can make an Instagram Shopping store. You can transform your profile into an online shop where customers can explore and make purchases without leaving the app. The social media agency is grabbing this hack quicker in 2023.

Tag Products on Instagram Shopping to produce shoppable content. Simply tap the image to inspect the product, and then click the description to be taken to the product landing page, if you’re an interested follower.

You may easily generate shoppable content with the Tag Products function without worrying about naming your products in your caption. Product Tags are now an option for Instagram ads, making it simpler to draw customers in. On Instagram, you can make your own shop, a separate page where you may organize your products by Collections and give in-depth product descriptions, in addition to your main feed. The store can refer customers to your website to complete the transaction or, if you have access to Instagram Checkout, they can make a purchase right on the app.

2. Scheduling Reels

By planning your Reels, you won’t ever have to be concerned about missing an opportunity. 

A social media management tool is all you require. 

Using Hoot suite, which is our favorite, we’ll demonstrate how to do it.

How to start executing:

  • Start up Hoot suite Composer.
  • The Instagram Story option.
  • Select a profile for Instagram.
  • Publish your video and add some text.
  • Mention “Post Reels” in the marked line “Notes for publication”. 

You can choose the day and hour that the Reel will be published. 

When it’s time to post, a push notification will be sent to you.

3. Take Instagram Reels On!

Instagram One of the platform’s newest features, Reels lets you share and record quick 15 to 30-second videos. It is also an Instagram trick. You might be correct if you assume it’s just another TikTok clone with a smaller audience. However, you can’t discount Instagram’s capacity to improve itself by adjusting to new app trends.

Reels are now front and center on Instagram, making it simpler for early adopters to become found once they figure out how to use hacks to gain more views. Instagram has developed a special hashtag page just for Reels users as part of its promotion efforts, giving them a fantastic opportunity to claim particular hashtags and reach a larger audience. Where else can you get free advertising? If your content is entertaining and original, Instagram will highlight your Reel on the Explore page and brand it as “featured.”

4. Link an IGTV video with a “Swipe Up” (Without 10K Followers)

This swipe-up link general Instagram DIY hack is for you if you don’t have more than 10,000 Instagram followers. You are able to include a clickable link in the caption of an IGTV video when sharing it. Actually, it’s the only location on Instagram where you can do this. Make an IGTV video first (it must be at least one minute long). Include a pertinent link, such as to your website, a landing page, or a product page, in the caption after that.

You can post your IGTV video on your stories after it has been uploaded. Your followers can swipe up on your stories to view your video and click the link in the caption.

5. Boomerangs can be created from live photos.

For iOS users, an entertaining Instagram Stories hack is to turn live photographs into Boomerangs.

This is how you do it:

  • Swipe up to access Instagram Stories, then choose a live shot from your camera roll.
  • To see the loading circle momentarily appear, press firmly on the screen for a few seconds.
  • The end of that. Your live shot has now been transformed into a lively Boomerang!

Try out various insta and its hacks and content formats, then compare the results. Until you give everything a try, you won’t really know what suits you the best. Also, in upcoming blogs, we will share tips to provide Instagram from hacking. If you want a professional digital marketing agency to do it, JAKS SOFTWARE is a useful source.

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