Google Launch New Shopping Features

Google unveiled a number of new Shopping options in addition to the new Search and Maps features. In order to provide a better shopping experience, they revealed nine new methods to use its shopping graph and AI-enhanced model. In this blog we are going to discuss the new features for shopping that which eCommerce website design company Delhi must know :

Let’s explore 9 brand-new tools and features for Google Shopping

All these basic features must be known by the eCommerce development company Delhi so that they can help the clients and users follow new updates :

Search for product lines with the keyword — Shop

On its platform, Google has added a new way to do product or item searches. Going forward, customers can get a fresh visual feed of products, research tools, and inventory for that product by simply typing the words “Shop” and the product they are looking for. In the US, mobile devices will be the first to receive the functionality, after which it will gradually roll out to other countries. In the upcoming months, the feature will also be available on a desktop.

Shop the look

Users will be able to view options for where to buy the items they find in searches thanks to this new feature. Links to the precise product you’re looking for, as well as suggestions from where to find complementary products, are displayed in the “shop the look” feature.

See what’s popular.

Trending products is a brand-new feature in Search that displays the products that are currently the hottest topic in a given category. This fall, but no precise date has been given, American customers will be able to use the new service.

Now enjoy 3D shopping 

According to Google, 3D pictures are almost 50% more engaging than static ones. This year saw the introduction of 3D visuals for household products, and soon you’ll be able to see 3D visuals for shoes, starting with sneakers. Google also introduced a new automated 360-degree spin tool, which can be accessible by using a “handful” of static photos, to improve merchants’ and advertisers’ access to 3D images.

Get assistance with complex purchases

This brand-new buying guide feature compiles all of the pertinent information about a category from numerous reliable sources into one convenient location.

See what other customers have to say- Page Insights

With the help of this new feature, users of the Google app will be able to combine star ratings with relevant context about the website they are visiting or the product they are searching for. In the following months, the page insights will become live in the USA.

Receive personalized results

Additionally, you will have the choice to customize settings and disable personalized controls. You can choose your preferred retailers and brands when you shop on Google so that you will see more of those in the future. You can update this feature’s settings or even turn it off entirely if you decide that you no longer want to view those customized results or if your preferences change.

Your path to shopping with new filters

These days, Search’s whole-page shopping filters are dynamic and change based on current trends. For instance, filters for “color bar” and “mac” cosmetics may be available since they are popular, but even those may evolve with time.

Inspiration outside of the search engine

Users of the Google app’s explore feature will see suggested styles depending on what they have been shopping for and what other users have been searching for.

Marketers will soon have access to more information to better understand how these user experience enhancements will impact advertisements. Stay tuned with us at Jak Software the best eCommerce website design company in Delhi.

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