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When done correctly, SEO marketing brings a tonne of targeted traffic to your website without the high expenditures of paid advertising. The task of turning that traffic into quality leads then falls to you. In this blog, we’ve put together this extensive collection of SEO examples done correctly. From 5 to e-commerce websites, because it can be challenging to know where to start with SEO sometimes. Additionally, understand common errors to avoid when performing website SEO.

5 examples of E-commerce SEO Done Right :


Fast fashion is debatable, but that shouldn’t take away from the significant impact SHEIN has had on the SEO industry. SHEIN is a fantastic SEO case study because they examine search patterns, spot upcoming keywords, and develop specialized product lines to maximize that traffic. Additionally, SHEIN exhibits a marketplace through reviews, to improve its web presence and user experience. Also, keep updating sites – with content, and hyperlinks and keep a check on site speed.


Applying user-friendly and people first content policy. User-generated information helps users make more effective purchasing decisions by offering social reviews and ratings about products. User comments on product pages add even more new content to explain the product and site. That is extremely important for an e-commerce site from an SEO perspective and a higher ranking. Additionally, Amazon.com excels in review posting and product description updations every day. 


Despite being a very small company in the US, wine retailer Vivino is a noteworthy SEO example. It is among the best-known wine brands in the US. Vivino does an excellent job of producing a lot of relevant, keyword-rich write-ups, descriptions, and blogs. Also provides examples of best practices for on-page SEO through the use of FAQ sections (faq schema)and product pages that are optimized with quality descriptions, internal links, and backlinks.


Through intelligent content marketing, Healthline attracts massive amounts of SEO traffic to its website. They create in-depth, thoroughly researched content written by professional authors that respond to any queries their clients may have. They also have a tonne of internal links that improve SEO as well as reference links from numerous online encyclopedias and Wikipedia. To help in their ascent in the search engine results pages.


The INKEY List is outstanding SEO marketing in the cosmetics and beauty sector. To deliver customized products to their site’s users, their site gathers customer quality data based on demographics like age range, skin tone, skin type, etc.  

Additionally, they support reviews are optimized for SEO. That Google indexes and crawls for relevant long-tail keywords like “Best sun-cream for dark skin .” This assists the brand in attracting targeted traffic from within its niche.

Common E-commerce SEO Mistakes

Unclear Product Descriptions

Placing keywords unwanted in content for SEO ranking is a waste. As of 2022, is an update in google panda and penguin, and that content should be completely based on people-first content. Keywords must place which make sense for your product description. Also, the selection of your product name should be catchy and optimized, so that users’ search queries meet your product potential.Optimizing your product pages with keywords and fitting in any write up naturally, will give top ranking and good responses from users. Product descriptions should be answering all necessary questions that attract customers to add the product to their cart.Avoid using plagiarized content from other sites, it will affect the ranking.

Absence of Unique Titles

Plagiarized content and titles taken from other sites are considered spamming for google ranking. Google’s biggest link is a page’s subject matter which is the title tag. Avoid using titles from other pages on your website twice; doing so will reduce the possibility that any of your pages will rank well. Instead of using the straightaway name of your product, highlight its type in the part above titled “search queries. If you’re in a market where model numbers are appropriate, use them to set your page out from the competition on the main page. 

Having multiple sitemaps

With so many product options, it might be challenging for an eCommerce site to fit everything within a single sitemap. 

Internal links, such as those in the footer and top navigation, are used by visitors to your website. 

Multiple sitemaps can be confusing to search engines and prevent them from correctly indexing your pages. 

Also, multiple sitemaps are a smart idea if your eCommerce business has more than 10,000 URLs, but brands must be aware of how to submit their sitemaps to search engines. 

Resubmitting your sitemaps to the relevant search engines anytime you make modifications to your website or add new pages that you wish to show up in search results is advised as a best practise.This speeds up the process by which search engines crawl your website and decide how to rank your content.

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