Sneak Peak Key facts about Festive Marketing

Learn how companies may develop a successful festive marketing approach based on customer purchasing patterns and retail trends throughout India’s festive seasons. Social media marketing is the perfect platform to get more leads, reach, and engagement very quickly.

Facebook marketing

Run Facebook Event Ads on festivals so that you can get great engagement and reach with business leads. In Facebook marketing create Content and Hashtags which can target the best audience easily. For example the festival of Diwali, and use hashtags like #Diwali2022, #Diwalihampers, #Diwaligifts, etc. Pick a Diwali and entertaining hashtag to represent your company or holiday marketing strategy. And if you’re at a loss for what to post, consider responding to frequently asked questions or discovering some unknown facts about your company or sector and publishing them. Interviews on Facebook Live with your staff or influential people.

Instagram marketing

At the time of festivals in Instagram marketing the best strategy is to start with Giveaway offers, and Follow-up the same theme till festivals. Even share the story by tagging different businesses or customers. Also, you can run a contest with special offers or you can run a pool activity with emoji voting.  Everybody enjoys a good giveaway, especially now that it’s the festive season and people are shopping for their loved ones. Use a theme and adhere to it throughout the Christmas season to give your audience a consistent message.

In Instagram stories, you can tell the story of the festive event with more creativity to get readers into the holiday spirit. Also, cheer them to join your celebration with images, countdown or Polls, and other voting forms.

These kinds of engaging Instagram posts are wonderful because they may be joyful and celebratory. While also producing useful, beneficial consequences. Start by contrasting two best-sellers side by side or demanding feedback from your fans on an upcoming task.

Linkedin marketing

In Linkedin marketing, we all know the platform is to create connections with all the professionals. To create excitement in your audience you must share festive sales posts or engaging stories of your business on your timeline to drive more and more engagement. This is a great time to highlight your past year’s stories and what is new with your business. Take Care of the fact that it should be short, appropriate, and very interesting for audiences. 

One must join appropriate business-related LinkedIn groups and share your festive post daily so that people get to know about your business in the same league. This is a little old process but always worth using.

Twitter marketing

In twitter marketing, one must follow activities that are to engage with your followers, and second is by working with a local company will help you brighten the Festive period. Bring some festive cheer into the conversation if you’re currently interacting with your followers and fans. There is never a better moment to start using social media at the time of festivals if you aren’t already. To get immediately respond with excellent comments to people who mention your business apply Sendible tools, that help in keeping track of it with social listening solutions.

During the holiday season, there are numerous methods to spread love. One approach is to collaborate with nearby companies in your city to conjure up something extraordinary. 

This might be a product, a charity event, or even a sponsorship.

For more information on festive marketing, you can stay tuned with us !!! At Jaksoftware, the best social media agency all around the world. 

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