Why your content should be based on the People-first policy:  Google Penguin & Panda Updates

In the blog post, Google took care to emphasize that the following SEO best practices are not considered invalid by this upgrade. SEO is an important activity used for people-first content and links to their SEO starter manual. Google doesn’t have anything against SEO & Past Google Penguin updates. Also, this update is beneficial for websites that have manipulated the system by producing information that isn’t particularly beneficial to users. But still ranks highly due to SEO rather than the quality of the content on the site. Moreover, the update will make you understand how important it was for Google to prioritize quality and the user experience.

 Google announced an algorithm update. That has had a huge and wide-ranging effect on SEO for years to come known as the perfect “ Content Gap Analysis”.

What is people-first content or First- Hand Experience? 

This is the major requirement of Google from Now. People-first content or First -Hand experience Demonstrates that your content should be of depth knowledge and straight to the topic. Avoid mentioning multiple topics and unnecessary keywords in the write-ups for publishing. The experience of users and searchers should be successful. So, that they can spend time on your website to read its full content. 

Knowing your subject matter is important. With recent changes to its product review system, Google has begun to prioritize first-hand knowledge. Also, there was a sitewide demotion because the content quality was not up to the mark. Your content and site must design with the perspective of sharing the right information and the purpose of your content’s existence is clear.

Many people have designed their sites with SEO and Links building perspective in mind will justify that the content in their site is to inform people. But it’s not, they have created numerous unnatural links and unwanted keywords just to rank on google. Also, the content should leave a feeling that one has learned a lot about the topic to help achieve their purpose and have a satisfying experience. As a result, Google intends to provide searchers with results that completely satisfy their demands.

Why is there a need for an update in Google Panda and Penguin?

This update is a great ranking signal from Google that is already described in their documentation of “How Search Works” for all the Content Writers and SEO experts. Also, the part of Google’s algorithm that categorizes sites for this update will be operating constantly. If the algorithms see that your site’s content has improved to be useful to users and searchers. The strength of the signal may be minimized, or even lifted completely. This announcement has a great impact on Google’s Penguin and Panda algorithms.

These algorithms were initially deployed as filters to the impacted sites. But today they integrate into the algorithm’s base. Panda and Penguin both implemented filters to websites that had artificial links or low-quality content that lowered their rating. The next time Google ran a Penguin or Panda update, those sites had a chance to recover if they cleaned up their link profiles or increased the quality of their content.

What is the new Google update’s primary purpose?

Making sure that you create content that the Panda filter will appreciate and won’t pose a threat to your website in the future is important as you develop your website. 

  • Each page should serve the needs of the user, not only increase its keyword ranking. To create content of the caliber that your audience and Google desire. You should keep in mind a specific buyer profile and stage of the buyer’s journey.
  • Check frequently for duplicate content and make it more user-perspective
  • Make sure the website, blog, or article content should not based on SEP building link focus.
  • Keep an eye on your answer to Searcher’s question. It’s important to create content that doesn’t have a negative effect on the user experience. Just Answer right to the searcher’s question. This means not merging multiple topics into one story.
  • To ensure that the website is operating at its peak efficiency and providing the greatest First-hand experience possible, employ Google Webmaster tools.

How to make the recover the SEO rank of an existing site with a new Google Penguin update?

The following is what will be advised to the sites who want assistance after being impacted by this update:

  • Determine which content on the site can understand design for search engines rather than humans.
  • Decide if the content can be changed to Google’s satisfaction, or if the site should index/remove it. This can include more user-generated content, in-person images or videos, etc.
  • Define what the objective or focus of each page is. And ensure that this objective preferably means to support people).
  • To satisfy Google’s algorithms, understand that the site has competence in the topics it covers, and works to boost E-A-T for the site.


People-first content can perform even better with good SEO. We get the impression that many websites with significant SEO activities can be significantly impacted by this update. To recover from this update follow all the information updated above. For more Google Penguin & other updates like this follow our website Also, we can help your websites to grow with all upcoming updates. 

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