Impact of Corona on Digital Marketing

Impact of Corona on Digital Marketing

On 11th March WHO had announced the Coronavirus or COVID-19 as pandemic disease. COVID-19 has impacted the whole world very badly. Along with affecting human life the virus is also affecting the economies. The whole world is on lockdown to save the lives of their people from this pandemic disease. Most of the big economies are facing big losses. This challenging condition is increasing with every passing day and no one knows when the situation will become normal.

The leading economies of the world are facing an economic crisis for the last 45 days. If we talk about the industries such as pharmaceuticals, retail, production plants and others where the business processes are only possible with the physical presence of the people then we can say that the condition is worst here. Due to the pandemic Coronavirus, all these industries are shot down. If we compare these industries to online businesses such as technology service provider, e-commerce industry or digital marketing services Delhi etc then there is no complete shutdown in these segments. Online businesses allow employees to work at their home or from anywhere through a remote location through the internet connection. But we can’t say that online industry is untouched with the impacts of corona on Digital Marketing.

In this writing, we have described the impacts of Corona on digital marketing. Let’s check out these impacts below:

Digital Marketing – Decreasing organic traffic

No one can deny the fact that almost all industries using digital marketing for getting customers are facing a big drop in organic traffic. If we look at the travel, technology and advertising industry then the drop-down is 46%, 6% and 20% respectively. On the other hand, some of the industries like news channels have hit a new rise in their users. If we talk about eCommerce industry then there is a mixed impact we can see as in the present situation they are getting bulk orders of essential items.

Also the eCommerce companies selling medicines, baby diapers are getting huge increase in sale, but there is a barren condition in terms of luxury items.

Low rate of conversions for businesses

Conversion rate is highly impacted by the pandemic and all major businesses are suffering from this worldwide. The industries which were getting a higher increase in traffic before 50-60 days are not facing a decrease in conversion rate. But as the people are at their home due to lockdown news industry is at its boom and getting a higher rate of conversion. They are getting more commercials and profits.

A big swift in social media usage

Experts across the globe have suggested following the rule of social distancing. It is the biggest medicine to get safety from Corona. We know that due to lockdowns most of the people are working from home and managing their work. Work from home always allows people to take frequent breaks for tea, coffee and snacks. In these frequent breaks, people always like to check their social media accounts and this is the main cause that has skyrocketed the consumption of social media. Social channels like Reddit, Twitter and Facebook have hit a new spike in their sessions, traffic and new user signups. To pull the benefits from this spike you should hire a professional digital marketing agency in Delhi.

Big cut around Ad spend

The decreasing strength and demand of customers have forced service providers to keep down the cost of their ads expenditure. Businesses across the world have decreased the amount of money they were spending on publicizing their products in the market as they are not finding the potential and profits of investing in paid promotions.

Final thoughts Indeed, online service providers such as software development company, e-store and digital marketing agencies have fewer chances of big loss as they are working continuously and serving their prospects. But no one can deny that productivity and efficiency will surely get impacted.

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