A vision of digital India programme refers to a vision which is expected by every Indian. This will include a kind of digitalisation of the country with the help of which the development rate will catch the pace and in few years we will be considered as residents of a developed country. The world has gone so far in the race of modernisation so why not India. India has been fighting with many problems but along with them it also has proved to the world that there is no lack of talent and ability in the country and can compete with the whole world in any field.

Some much of the distance to the way of modernisation is covered and rest of the distance is yet to be covered. Without the adequate guidance and assistance of government this mission cannot be accomplished. Therefore the honourable prime minister of the India has also laid due emphasis on the national e-governance plan and has gave approval for digital India. A step towards a most important dream has been taken and its proper implementation is also given due importance.

This ambitious programme of the government of India has predicted the overall cost of it approximately 113000crores. This programme will try to lay emphasis on knowledge based transformation and delivering best efforts by the government to the citizens. This knowledge based transformation is no doubt will be conducted by well eligible and able staff and experts and will be co-ordinated by both the central and state governments.

Department of electronic and information technology will envisage this programme and will provide their assistance in the programme by impacting ministry of communications and it, ministry of human resources, ministry of rural development and ministry of health etc. The benefits of this programme are uncountable and will provide effect in every field of the country. It will provide its benefits to both state and union territories. The existing e-governance initiatives will be act like the guidelines of the project and will be revamped to align them with the principals of digital India. The main motive of this objective is to empower the country with latest devices and technologies and develop the country with the help of this knowledge and technologies. The natives of the country have also proved their intelligence level and therefore the chances of failure of this programme are very rare. Many expectations are lying with this programme and proper installation of programme will help in reaching to the goal without any disturbance.

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