Social Media: Exploring Sales Not Just Limited to Business Branding

Social Media: Exploring Sales Not Just Limited to Business Branding

Social Media is a platform which usually driven track records to form a base branding for your business. Now a days, the realization of the fact that it is Exploring Sales Not Just Limited to Business Branding is hitting the thought process of the Experts.

Successful brands on social media know who their audience is and how to speak to them. The secret to extracting those insights lies in the data contained in existing social platforms. Each interaction that users have with a brand’s posts or updates contains meaningful information that brands need to use to their advantage.

Social Media Channels

“Social Media is not about selling” – but that is less than half the truth.
Yours is probably not the only business doing what you do, or selling what you sell. In fact, there are likely many people who say they do what you do. Branding is about placing a permanent image in the minds of your target audience of who you are, what you are like, what makes you different from others and especially what you will do for THEM.

Establishing a social-media presence for your brand has become a checkbox item, a necessary part of building brand visibility and connecting with the 1.5 billion social-media users worldwide.

Social Media

Companies are spending anywhere between $100,000 to $300,000 (and sometimes even more) to build and maintain their social followings. Between ads, salaries of social-media managers, and of course the requisite marketing tools and services to keep it all together, social is now a significant investment for most brands.

The past few years for brands have been about building their social communities and establishing brand loyalty through direct social channels. It’s become a necessary expense of brand management and customer experience for companies. Yet now that they have established and integrated their social-media plans and begun developing campaigns to engage and increase their communities,

the question becomes how can they begin to activate those social channels to convert followers to customers. How can brands actually make social a sales channel, and with a real, determined return on investment?

This is the new strategy today that brands are starting to adopt. Where we are today with social is not unlike where we once were with websites. For years, websites were static pages that brands only updated every so often. They served as an online presence for the brand that was still focused on driving in-store sales.

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