In a recent controversial blog posted by me that explicitly talked about Entrepreneurs, i chalked out many important things that may be essential for many bloggers out there.

The blog was titled as “Why Successful People are Douchebags” and afore anyone jumps to any conclusion let me make it clear that the post was about why many people think successful entrepreneurs are douchebags, though in reality they are not.

Well my aim was to find out how does controversial blogs do?

Controversial blogs tends to hurt your brand image

Comparing the results of positive posts to controversial ones, I noticed that out of every blog I write the number of thanking mails I get are 11 to 27 however it reduced to 3 and the mails were not really as positive as the one’s I normally get. After carefully analyzing all the mail I found that writing a controversial blog can be inimical for a corporate brand image.

Controversial posts leads to higher number of unsubscribes

Those individuals who are into writing this type of blogs may experience a surge in the number of unsubscribes even when they intend to generate more social shares, comments and sales. Remember each time you are writing this type of posts and e-mailing it to your customers; you are probably losing a percent of your audience

Controversial posts drive more traffic

Besides there are some negatives attached but a decent fact with controversial posts are that they drive more traffic when compared to a regular one.

Controversial posts may hurt revenue

Even though your post does well from standpoint of traffic but it may hit you on revenue grounds. The biggest reason of low revenue is the tarnished image of your brand. People may start viewing your image in a negative way and may associate it with bad things, they will lose their trust in you and you may end up making less money.

So Controversial posts may increase your traffic but it have consequences.

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