LinkedIn : Guiding Tool for Marketers and Professionals


LinkedIn : Guiding Tool for Marketers and Professionals

With a user base of some 135 million professionals worldwide and the numbers multiplying by the day, LinkedIn has come to be recognized as one of the most popular and professional social media networking websites. Having such a huge user base among professionals makes it an excellent tool for making business to business connections and so, it would be quite prudent for businesses to include it in their marketing strategy.

In order to use LinkedIn as an effective marketing tool, your profile must be relevant and up-to-date, and you need to know all the tools to use on LinkedIn. You can shore up your LinkedIn profile by regularly updating your status so that you are viewed as a relevant resource in the industry, adding blog posts to help drive more traffic to your new content. Share your presentations to get feedback, extra love, and to once again help others view you as a relevant resource in the industry. Post events and tweets to give issues publicity and collect more connections on LinkedIn. In the end it is all about getting more followers. Upload your portfolio to showcase accomplishments.

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You can also utilize community features of LinkedIn to increase your visibility. Community features allow people to interact with specific connections, leading to new connections and relationship building. By participating in these community features, you build yourself as an industry expert and give your brand more visibility. You can create groups related to your interests, or join other groups in your area of expertise. This makes it easy to find people that are interested in your brand and services, plus it is a great place to learn even more about your niche.

You can use the answers community feature to share your business knowledge. You can ask questions and get a feedback, answer other people’s questions, or initiate interaction with others in your niche. Another community feature you can gainfully employ is the company pages. This can give you insights on competitors, help you discover companies in your field, or look for companies that you might want to hire someone like you. This is a great tool for posting new jobs, publishing a company profile, and adding information about products and services.

As a marketing tool, you can use LinkedIn to easily reach out to your prospective clients. You already have such a large pool available. If you don’t have connections with these prospects, look for connections in common. LinkedIn has an introduction feature which means that one of your connections can introduce you to one of their connections. LinkedIn can also help you find employees you are looking for and you can put paid advertisements on it. If your company has the resources to spend on advertising, these can be an effective way to reach your target market. You can use the analytics capabilities of LinkedIn to find out how you rank against competitors, and optimize your content suitably. All you need is identification of your target market, and writing good target-specific content.

Don’t let LinkedIn be an underutilized resource by you or your company. Use it as an effective online marketing tool to establish your company as an industry expert and gain more followers.

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