Today, in a highly anticipated announcement, Google launches the Mobile friendly update called it as “Mobilegeddon”, This update is related to mobiles as the name suggests. It may impact SEO industry in a big way.

By the time you read this article, the mobile friendly update would have already started rolling out, globally. With this update the mobile friendly websites may gain visibility in Google while the actual results may be noteworthy but any conclusions won’t immediately be available.

Mobile year on year growth:

Today is the era of mobile world. Everything is done now on mobile, So it is important to be visible and mobile friendly to succeed in the internet business. For this you need to set critical goals for marketing experience continually by:

Creating you website easily accessible to your target customers through all devices more significantly to mobile devices, the growth of mobile market segment continues to grow year-over-year. According to IDC in 2013 worldwide sales of smart phone was around 1 billion and a total of 1.3 billion in 2014. This growth is approximately 27.7%. By comparison, worldwide PC shipments in Q2 2014 were estimated at 75.8 million units — a negligible 0.1% growth from Q2 2013.

Overall both trends are expected to keep their trajectory. As even more customers are making their everyday queries from mobile devices, visibility in mobile search engine result pages (SERPs) is critical and it is website owner’s responsibility in keeping mobile marketing strategy his top priority .

Moblie impact on Internet business:

As per the above mentioned facts it is imperative and mandatory to have your website mobile friendly. Avoid business losses by following the basics of internet marketing. Jak Software offers solution to keep your business in the race.

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