Google panda update is a new technique search filter which was first introduced in February 2011 with an aim to restrict sites whose content are of poor quality from their performance into Google’s best search results. One of the main feature of Google panda is that it keep changing frequently with time and various new features been added to it during these changes. During this process of change in Panda some site which hit previously may be removes only if the changes are accurately. This can also happen that the sites which were not previously present may occur this time after the change has been taken place.

Using Google will recommend you need not to think so much about the algorithm and it includes Panda update or penguin update. All you got to do is to deliver the best possible experience as a user and the content on your site must be of good quality. Your efforts must be faced towards providing information to your audience with priority. Some people do it wrong as when the SEO comes into the picture they try to write for the search engines first which is really not a recommended thing by us as it affects the site as well as the audience. There are some few things which you must yourself when your being an owner of site and things which must be taken special care.

In this article we will try to communicate the Google panda algorithm along with the history from Panda update to the GooglePanda 4.2 update 2015. Google announced what was most likely a Panda data refresh, saying that it could take months to fully roll out. The immediate impact was unclear, and there were no clear signs of a major algorithm update.

2-3% of queries affected

Google has confirmed that this refresh affects only 2-3% of search queries, which is lower than the previous refresh of 3-5% in September 2014 and the last true update in May 2014 which affected 7.5% of search queries.

Let’s talk about the search qualities for the web pages which are navigated by various other search engines, there is only one leader among these and that is Google from which we get quality results and most of the audience also rely upon them. Google is always being customer oriented and customer friendly search engine and always tries to install new things in there engine to better results from their search engine for the customers. Google panda is also one of them. Google panda is a search filter which filters the results from the search engine every time Google panda refreshment or update happens.

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