Local SEO primarily is about creating few web pages that comprises location based keywords and the ideal way is the “About Us” page that broadcasts your address. Adding local keyword to this page is easy and simple, further one can have local keywords in the anchor texts of the backlinks pointing to it.

Here is a list of benefits it offers

  • The client is the one who Is most benefited as when people are making use of search engines to find places then it becomes really easier. It is good because people are able to find places with their mobile phones. so it is considered as one of the convenient way to promote your business locally.
  • It is no denying to the fact that using it correctly it can attract people from local area and can make its ranking to the pinnacle and can see great results quickly for that particular area. Even if the search is related to non-location based keywords it is still convenient and easy to rank up the search results.
  • Even if you don’t get Google locations and get better ranking for your local area then you can use lot of apps. It’s not only the search engine where you can rank but also on the apps.
  • Ideally the location side of things can put you on the short list when people tend to search for certain businesses in specific areas. Just ensure that your business is registered with Google locations and assure that you have registered your office address and not your home address.
  • You do not have to entirely dedicate your website to local SEO. All you have to focus is on the About Us page, Homepage, and a Landing page.
  • There are many companies that bring in lot of locations and use lots of location based keywords. Don’t do it, or even if you, seek the latest advice from Google as what to do with your local SEO.

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