While performing an SEO for your site online you have to be really careful. There may be some techniques that may be outdated or there may be few that may penalize you. So it is important to understand that which SEO techniques should be used and which ought to be ignored to get better online presence.

Here are few SEO techniques that might be hurting your site:-

Spamming the Guests Blogging

Many SEO practitioners think that Guest Blogging is no more fruitful. But Guest Blogging is great and one should bring it in to use but make sure there are certain precautions to it. There are few changes that Google may go strict with like it may break down the guest post link that are irrelevant to site’s link, it may tighten the penalties on optimized anchors. Further Google may surge the algorithmic importance of Google authorship and authority.

Optimized Anchors

Earlier optimized anchors were in fashion but nowadays there is a penalty. So a better way is to not optimize anchor texts, they may ruin the site’s SEO via gradual algorithmic penalization.

Quantity of Links over Quality

Backlinks are good as they may direct the page to your site but excessive of it may ruin your site especially if the site that links is penalized; it has low DA and receives large number of such links in a short period of time.

Keyword Heavy Content

Many SEO prefer Keyword stuffing and fill the page content with more and more keywords that may appear in a group or a list or out of context. This keyword stuffing can lead to negative user experience and can harm your website.

Relying on link- backs instead of content

Well it’s important to create an illusion that throwing lot of links will magically bring the massive authority, tons of search traffic and high rankings. Remember an SEO works on several parts like content, social, sites and links that collectively generate traffic and ranking.

if you are confused which activity can boost your business and which you should stop simply consult a Good Seo Company which can optimize your website as per search engine guidelines.

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